KPOINT Document Management

KPOINT Document Management

Effectively managing documents in online working environment is one of the key factors to ensure project management is fundamentally supported in the right track and heading to project success.

KPOINT addresses the need to employ online collaboration platform for document management that helps to deal with office documents, technical & engineering documents, PDF and CAD drawings, 3D models and BIM processes enjoying by non-specialized personnel and without having to employ various design & engineering software which require user’ skill and license costs.

KPOINT automates review & approve workflows applied to office documents, technical and engineering documents, design documents, and controls work-in-progress versions and officially released versions.

KPOINT supports digital transformation inside your organization by using digital tools for working online on documents to reduce operation cost due to printing, low productivity and constraints due to working on paper printed documents.

KPOINT is a centralizing document management to eliminate spreading of enterprise documents and information on personal machines and devices, preventing loss of knowledge and information due to loss of documents when people leaves job, instead, supporting inheriting of knowledge and experiences to build up team and company capability.

KPOINT helps to reduce high pressure workloads however, increase team effectiveness. No training required to use KPOINT and no special qualification or IT background required for administration, KPOINT is an easy to implement and easy to use.

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