KPOINT Document Management

KPOINT Document Management Effectively managing documents in online working environment is one of the key factors to ensure project management is fundamentally supported in the right track and heading to project success. KPOINT addresses the need to employ online collaboration platform for document management that helps to deal with office documents, technical & engineering documents,… Read More

KPOINT Cloud-based Construction Project Management Solution

Using project management systems on the Cloud to manage construction projects has become a primary requirements to many project owners and management teams, especially under the social distancing amid Covid-19 pandemic. Particularly for construction projects, it is not only "work-from'home" required but the solution is more comprehensively work from anywhere anytime without geographical constraints. By… Read More

Enterprise Project Management

The Challenges Managing projects on schedule and under budget are always primary requirements however, rarely delivered. More over, project-driven business organizations are lack of an enterprise system for managing enterprise projects delivering project objectives, in alignment with the company overall plans and synchronizing project data for project management at the enterprise levels. Enterprise Project Management… Read More