Construction Project Management

Cloud-based collaborative project management system for construction projects.

Centralized Project System

  • Document Management
  • Collaboration Platform
  • Automated Review Workflows
  • Work From Anywhere Anytime
  • As-Built and Project Archive

Design & Engineering

  • Design Collaboration
  • Design Review Workflows
  • Versioning and Version Control
  • Managing BIM and BLM/PLM
  • Design Document Visualization

Project Communication

  • Project Email
  • Electronic Correspondence
  • Project Forms & Templates
  • Hard-copy Correspondence
  • Task Management

Construction Supervision

  • Online Coordination
  • RFI Form & Workflow
  • Submittal Form & Workflow
  • Supervision & Inspection
  • Instruction and Daily Reports

Construction Project Management System On the Cloud

Centralized project document and information management, communication and construction supervision system used by all project participants as a single place to collaborate and manage the project.

Centralized Document Management

Manage project documents and information in one single centralized system by all participants, transforming how to work and coordinate at work free from depending on paper, pen and printer, limiting face-to-face meetings, free from sending/receiving, editing and storing document files spreading everywhere without control at poor level of efficiency.

  • Upload, distribute, store and collaborate multiple sides project-wide
  • Versioning and version control, automating workflows
  • Accessible for online working from anywhere anytime
  • Platform for collaborative project management

Upload, share and use documents project-wide.

document register revision notes

Upload documents

Simply upload and share documents without having to send and receive emails.

Document Register Multiple Format Support

Visualize all formats

Visualize for working on all document formats without the need to open documents in native formats.

Document Transmittal

Formal transmittal

Distribute documents on standard transmittal form which transmitting history recorded for easy track back.

Team collaboration with review and comment on documents.


Document Comments

Collaboratively review documents with comment record for each document.

design coordination comments

Consolidate comments

Consolidate preferable comments to incorporate into revisions.

Comment Sheet

Comment Sheet

Print and sign-off comment sheet whenever required.

Viewing and working on project documents

digital viewer Office document

Office documents

Perform digital collaboration on all office document file formats.

CAD 2D drawings

Connect teams to review CAD drawings anytime anywhere using web browser.

Twin Tower Walkthrough

3D models and BIM

Review, collaborate and work directly on 3D models from web browser.

Access and work from anywhere anytime

Solution for accessing and working from anywhere anytime to cope with project requirements that may include online collaboration, save unessential cost of transportation and face-to-face meetings while enable involving participants from long distance, both domestically and internationally.

  • Instantly access to project documents when needed from anywhere anytime.
  • Connect teams of different disciplines to one place of records for project development, delivery and archive.
  • Keep everyone on-track for all document review tasks, raise team efficiency.

Design & Engineering Management

Online collaboration platform for design & engineering management with multiple discipline coordination and multiple participants involved.

Online collaboration for design & engineering processes.

Online collaboration allows teams to coordinate simultaneously all disciplines in every work-in-progress revisions, manage design & engineering documents with multiple-discipline design review, online collaboration through automated workflows.

  • Involve all disciplinary companies in collaborative design management.
  • Perform design coordination, design review and releases through automated workflows.
  • Control work-in-progress and released revisions with configurable and automatic version control.

Multiple Discipline Design & Engineering Teams

Solution for project teams to involve as manage disciplines, companies and people as needed in design coordination regardless of project scale and level of complexity.

Multiple Disciplines

Document Register

Free to involve as many disciplines and people as needed for any level of complexity of design coordination.

Work-in-progress and final releases

design coordination comments

Manage design coordination with comments on each of work-in-progress versions until completion and release of the final version.

Comment Sheet


Comment Sheet with both all comments and consolidated comments that can be signed off, when and if required.


Work-In-Progress and Version Control

Collaborative project management allows design coordination carried out simultaneously by all disciplines on each work-in-progress revision. Configurable version control allows teams to tightly control work-in-progress and final release versions free from mistakes and costly reworks.

  • Always display latest version and store all history versions for easy roll-back.
  • Keep all team members in correct latest version and store all history version.
  • Revision notes to record and visualize revision information across the project team.

Design Review & Approve Workflows

Design documents are coordinated and reviewed through automated review & approve workflows. The document originator uploads a document under a discipline. The document will then be reviewed, coordinated and feedback by participants representing all concerning disciplines and finally approved to release by the project manager.

  • In combination with version control and release of documents
  • Automated distribution, record enabled on Comment Sheet
  • Allow for rejection and approve to resubmit or to release
  • Automatic notification and reminder for close interaction

Automated workflows to review design & engineering documents

Improve quality assurance and increase team productivity by automating design document review workflows.

Company Workflows

Review and approve documents within the originator company before submitting to inter-discipline review level.

Inter-Discipline Check (IDC)

Review and recommend across companies for relating disciplines before formally approved for release.


Design Review and Approval

Design and coordination review & approval by project management team including project manager, owner, and stakeholders.

Design Management with BIM

Successful design management for Building Information Modeling (BIM) requires a common platform to visualize 3D models by all participating disciplines including the project management and owner personnel.


3D Visualization

Visualize almost all 3D formats for working by all participants without the need of native software applications.

OTC manipulate facade

Digital Markup

Feature working collaboratively on 3D models including those for viewing, markup, BOM, PMI, element management etc,

View 3D models

Non-Modeling User Participation

Support participation of non-3D modeling personnel in design & engineering processes for BIM without heavy training required.

Master Deliverable Register

Register to monitor design & engineering deliverables in steps of development, review and release within timelines.

Deliverable Register

Register design & engineering deliverables with planned timelines for review & approve and release.

Update Progress

Update progress of deliverable against planned timelines through all development steps.

Engineering Progress Summary

Summarize deliverable progress by weighted percent complete in spreadsheet format.

Work and Package Documentation

Solution to efficiently create and manage changes for package documentation as the project progressing with changes such as changes.

Packages and Tender Documentation

Manage package documentation along with design & engineering management. Involves vendors and manage vendor product documents on the project document management system.

  • Create package documents and manage changes of documents as the project evolves.
  • Issue RFPs and tender documents and manage addendum electronically.
  • Manage vendor’s product documents with digital visualization across different 3D systems.

Vendor Product Document Management

Manage procurement package documents. Manage vendor product documents originated from various product management systems.

wind turbine

Package Documentation

Create and manage procurement package documents. Issue procurement packages and manage addendum.

Wind turbine 4

3D Visualization

Visualize 3D product documents across vendors and industries for both industrial and commercial construction projects.

Wind turbine section

Automated Review Workflows

Visualize and control vendor’s product design, engineering and manufacturing with automated workflows.

Project Communication and Task Management

Solution for communication within the project team using electronic tools of email and correspondence templates for all project communication needs. Manage well tasks to support project progress and increase team productivity.

Project Email

Email-like protocol on project standard form for everyone to exchange information in any subject that particularly matters.

  • Receive auto-notification of incoming emails and access, respond to emails on the go.
  • Save all emails on the project system for easy administration and project archive.
  • Protect neutrality on communication. Companies administer their own emails as private and confidential information.

Project Correspondences

Convert all forms you have in MS Office to KPOINT correspondence templates to provide team with electronic tools to communicate for all project purposes ranging from contractual letters, notices to field datasheets, inspection or interface records.

  • Set user groups for communication in common types or purposes.
  • Auto-notification to allow interact and respond to incoming correspondences on the go.
  • Save all correspondences on the project system for easy administration and project archive.
  • Protect neutrality on communication. Companies administer their own correspondences as private and confidential information.

Project Task Management

Manage tasks that are not initially planned but emerged as works necessary to complete. Such tasks are as action items in minutes of meetings, verbal instructions, minor defect works. The solution is for teams to manage to complete tasks with records and at higher level of productivity.

  • Separate tasks from emails.
  • Review & approve tasks that are created and sent for review by task assignees.
  • Instant access, interactively update task progress and information.
  • Record task information for easy track back.

Construction Supervision

Drive construction from commencement to completion with documentation and records to avoid out of sequence, delays, cost overrun and disputes.

Submittals and Request for Information (RFIs)

Solution for controlling contractors in unified forms and procedures for submitting Submittals and RFIs which the project team to timely respond to within the centralized management system to avoid unproductive paperworks that causes out of sequence and abortive works, delays, disputes, extra costs and other troubles.

  • Self-service procedure easy to participate by any contractor and team member
  • Instantly address respondents from offsite locations
  • Timely response to contractors
  • Reviewed and recommended by design & engineering team
  • Centralize records in a single place for easy track-back and audit

Work and Material Inspections

Solution to unify all contractors and the project management team to manage the works executed with electronic documentation on the centralized management system, including inspection record for materials used. This type of works is more productive as it is usually carried out at a great deal by most technical personnel from both contractors and the project team on site and off the site.

  • Self-service working by everyone without clerical support.
  • Instantly address respondents for multiple parties involved.
  • Control work quality and required timelines.
  • Automatically record information as everybody works
  • Centralize records in a single place for easy track back.
  • Maintain system neutrality, equal principle to very participants.

NCR and Project Manager's Instruction

Solution for the project team to issue and manage the contractor’s responses for Non-Compliance Record (NRC) and Project Manager’s Instruction (PMI) on the centralized management system.

  • Most convenient for managing NCR and remedies.
  • Instantly address respondents for timely response.
  • Control quality and time for remedies.
  • Record enabled and accessible from anywhere anytime
  • Ensure neutrality and equal between all participants.

Site Daily Report and Minutes of Meetings

Create and manage Site Daily Report and Minutes of Meeting on the project centralized management system to increase team level of efficiency compared with traditional paperwork.

  • Add unlimited number of items in report or item to discuss
  • Instantly address recipients without limitation
  • Comply to statutory requirement of site diary
  • Auto-recording information, accessible from anywhere anytime
  • System neutrality, ensure equal rights to all participants.

Project Quality Audit and Archive

Structure project information to support quality audit, as-built documentation and archives.

Project Information Quality Audit

Easy to conduct quality audit. All project information are stored in one place, well structured. This makes auditing a simple and easy job.

  • Ability to track and display all information electronically
  • Project information are stored as uneditable and true records
  • No information lost, the whole project information is stored in structure at one place for easily track and audit

As-built Documentation and Project Archives.

Solution for as-built documentation as all documents all versions are stored in one single place. As-build documents can be filtered and export into other formats. The project system will be deployed on customer’s machines and are licensed for archiving purpose.

  • Filter as-built documents to compile for the project as-built set
  • As-built document can be submitted electronically or traditional printed on papers
  • Archive the whole project with all history information