Design & Engineering and Project Management Consultancies

Provide design & engineering and project management consultancy service companies with centralized project management system for customers projects that works for all participants through all project management life cycles.

Designer and Project Manager on Site

Centralized Project System

Single system neutral to all participants.

  • Design Consultants
  • Project Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Contractors

Document Control

Self-service system, document control.

  • Upload and distribute
  • Control distribution
  • Version control
  • Control review & approve

Digital Visualization

Digital view and markup for online collaboration

  • Working on Office and PDF
  • Visualize CAD drawings
  • Visualize 3D models
  • Online coordination meetings

Automated Workflows

Effectively manage design review & approve processes.

  • Workflows within a discipline
  • Inter-discipline workflows
  • Consolidate comments
  • Comment Sheet

Design Coordination and Collaboration Platform

Neutral collaboration platform that every project participant needs to upload, review and coordinate design & engineering deliverable under control to eliminate costly mistakes and reworks.

Interact and collaborate anytime anywhere

One single platform for all design & engineering participants to upload, share and collaborate on design documents anywhere anytime without costly mistakes and reworks.

  • Interact, comments on the design documents
  • Automated review & approve workflows
  • Version and subversion controls
  • Protect unauthorized access
OTC manipulate facade

Markup and annotate in design coordination

Provide digital viewer for all to markup, annotate and work completely online and synchronize data in real-time.

  • Markup and annotate on Office, PDF and images
  • Visualize CAD drawings regardless of native file format
  • Visualize 3D modelings in BIM review & approve processes
  • Online collaboration meetings to coordinate design drawings.

CAD and 3D Modeling Design Coordination

Support  design & engineering firms to leverage the use of 3D modeling design for BIM (Building Information Modeling) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) in order to cope with Client’s requirements on design for operation philosophy.

  • Visualize 3D models from most 3D vendors
  • Interdiscipline review and coordinate 3D models
  • Automated workflow and version control
  • Self-service to all non-3D management personnel.

Architect/Engineer Project Manager

Neutral project system that equally serves everyone in multiple role project teams

Architect/Engineer Project Manager

Design & engineering firms engage in projects under both roles of design consultant and project manager find KPOINT SaaS best suitable solution.

  • Host customer’s projects with unlimited third parties involved.
  • Centralized design collaboration platform.
  • Project communication with email and correspondences
  • Connect all project management lifecycle including construction
  • Project archive and handover

Design and Site Supervision Engineers

The centralized project management system supports both home office designers and field engineers for their own specialized needs spanning across all phases of the project.

  • Multi-discipline collaboration for design coordination
  • Manage work-in-progress and version control
  • Client’s review and approval through automated workflows
  • Manage deliverable, amendments and as-built documentation.
  • Support construction supervision by Architect/Engineer