Centralized Document Management for Construction Enterprises

working anywhere anytime, online collaboration, automated workflows, centralized construction supervision

Centralized Doc. Management

  • Centralized Doc. Management
  • Working Anywhere Anytime
  • Automated Workflows
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Projects

  • Project Team Administration
  • Design & Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Collaboration
  • 3D and BIM Experiences

Enterprise Communication

  • Internal Email
  • Electronic Correspondence
  • Correspondence Templates
  • Hard-copy Correspondence
  • Task Management

Centralized Constr. Supervision

  • Online Coordination
  • RFI Form & Workflow
  • Submittal Form & Workflow
  • Supervision and Inspections
  • Inspection and Daily Report

Working Anywhere Anytime

Work anywhere anytime across the entire enterprise and projects with KPOINT centralized document management system and collaboration platform on the cloud.

Centralized Document Management

Centralized document management on a single source accessible for working on the cloud.

  • Single source of documents across the entire organization on the cloud.
  • Working anywhere anytime by all departments and unlimited projects.
  • Automated review & approve workflows
  • Platform for collaboration across all functions, disciplines.

Instant Access

Instant access to documents and information whenever needed using Google-like search and filters.

Document Control

Coding and numbering, versioning and version control, check-in/check-out, distribution matrix, etc.

Collaboration Platform

Enterprise platform for both internal and external collaboration that involve departments, project teams, contractors, suppliers, etc.

Automated Workflows

Automate review & approve workflows for collaboration to integrate external products & services into the enterprise value chains.

Work From Anywhere Anytime

Transform the enterprise into working from anywhere at anytime, eliminating use of files, emails or even paper and pens as tools for exchanging information for design coordination, increase efficiency, reduce the dependency on office working conditions and unproductive workflows.

  • Work from anywhere anytime without office and facilities
  • Access and work on the centralized system without sending/receiving files.
  • Collaborate to integrate unlimited number of disciplines within a workflow
  • Extend collaboration to implement BIM for Construction, Operation and Maintenance

Document Control

Automated document control to support everyone in self-service working environment without in-person clerical assistance.

  • Control share and access to documents and information
  • Control document numbering to reflect unique characteristics
  • Automatic distribute and prevent unauthorized access
  • Version control to ensure everyone working on the same version
  • Control the right documents to the right person in the right time
  • Automatic conveying with notification and instant access to authorized documents
  • Control document and information against sending out of the system
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Automated Workflows

Control changes, modification and development of documents with automated review and approve workflows


Inter-discipline Workflows

Automate review, comment, recommendation and approve processes through workflows.

  • Automate workflows within a function and between multiple functions
  • Review and approve documents before allowing publish for common use
  • Interact and collaborate at all time as operation taking place
  • Raise accountability in technical and management disciplines

Enterprise Collaboration

Centralized document management system enable online collaboration across multiple departments, business units and member companies.

  • Internal collaboration with Inter-department and inter-company collaborations
  • Involve external organizations to participate enterprise business processes as external collaboration.
  • Increase team productivity and raise quality assurance
  • Maintain auditable records on coordination through all collaboration sessions

Working With Documents Online

Transform the way how  people works on documents from paper-based and office dependent to digital from anywhere anytime

Working With Office Documents

Open, view and working on documents online across the enterprise regardless of where the people resides to release teams from office supplies and unproductive paper-based processes.

  • Support working online on Ms Office, PDF, images, etc. file formats
  • Store comments, markups, annotation, new features, etc. with the documents
  • Online collaboration across the enterprise.
  • Online coordination meetings
digital viewer Office document

Design and Construction Documents

Visualize PDF and CAD drawings to support design & engineering and construction managements.

  • Working with PDF and CAD 2D drawings
  • Store comments, markups, annotation, new features, etc. with the documents
  • Online coordination meetings.

Working With 3D Models, BIM Models

Visualize for working on 3D models, almost any native 3D file formats from different industry specialized 3D systems. Enable project teams to manage BIM extended from construction to operation and maintenance life cycles.

  • Support working on BIM models without native software
  • Store comments, markups, annotation etc. with the 3D models
  • Administer and use of BIM models extended to construction, operation and maintenance
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