Construction Supervision

Construction project delivery using standardized forms and procedures.

Construction Supervision Forms & Procedures

Centralized system with built-in forms & procedures for project teams to manage construction execution with documentation and records.


Submittal forms & procedures for project teams to collaboratively manage construction in conformity with all project requirements.

Request for Information (RFI)

Thoroughly review and timely respond to RFIs to ensure construction smoothly progress without delays, extra cost and disputes.

Construction Inspections

Ensure project delivery with formal documents and records of Works and Material inspections to ensure required QA/QC procedures fulfilled.

NCR and PM's Instructions

Manage construction project delivery with required quality and in conformity with contractual commitments, avoidance of disputes.

Construction Project Delivery

Solution to manage construction project execution at any scale and complexity with standardized, simple and easy way to any team.

Online Submittal Processes

Manage construction to meet project requirements with built-in submittal form & procedures on KPOINT centralized management system.

  • Single submittal form & procedure for all contractors across all contract packages.
  • Instantly coordinate lead and relevant respondents onsite and offsite over the Internet
  • True record for all actions for review, recommendation and approval
  • Transparent and neutral system equally beneficial to all project participant

Timely respond to contractors' Request For Information

Workplace for all contractors to raise RFI to resolve discrepancies or issues regarding Plans & Specification, the project team timely respond to RFIs to keep construction in progress, at expected quality and to prevent disputes.

  • Equally convenient to all participants in raising the RFI, review & recommend and respond to the RFI.
  • Project manager receives and distribute the RFI to lead and relevant respondents
  • Lead respondent review and recommend the responses to the PM
  • PM review and respond to RFIs as recommended by the lead respondent
  • True record of the RFI and review, recommendation and response to it

Work and Material Inspections

Built-in features of Work Inspection Record and Material Inspection Record for project teams to perform the major part of construction supervision including coordinating multiple parties to conduct inspections over works and materials.

  • Contractors create and submit inspection requests electronically
  • Project manager receives and distribute request to lead and relevant respondents
  • Parties jointly conduct inspection and sign-off
  • PM review and approve the inspection based on recommendation from the field inspection
  • True record of review, recommendation and approval to every piece of works and materials.

Project Manager's Instruction and NCR

KPOINT’s forms & procedure for project team to control construction site free from interface conflicts and to manage non-compliance or damaged works.

  • Facilitate project team with PM’s Instruction for interface coordination and NCR to manage remedies and repair to non-compliance works.
  • True record for all communication exchanged and actions provided.
  • Transparent and neutral system equally beneficial to all project participants.

Construction Site Daily Report

Create and distribute on the centralized management system the site daily report under a site diary type all general status, circumstances and all activities that take place on the reporting day.

Centralized Site Daily Report

Create Site Daily Report on electronic template that is easy to distribute across the project team and store site information in one place for easy access anywhere anytime.

  • Available electronic built-in template
  • Contractors submit Site Daily Report for review
  • Store site data for easy access by all participants
  • Record of site information in daily basis that complies to statutory requirements.