KPOINT Document Management

Centralized document management and collaboration platform

Centralized Doc Management

KPOINT is a software solution for project document management, all participants are on the same cloud-based system that supports collaborative project management.

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Automated Workflows

Automated workflows to control document review and releases, work-in-progress and final releases through reviews within a discipline and across multiple disciplines.


Online Collaboration

Transform document coordination. All disciplines are coordinated simultaneously on the same online platform instead of separated disciplines in separated files or on papers.


Work From Anywhere Anytime

Support team interaction to work from anywhere anytime. Release the workforce from depending on office facility and locations to increase team productivity and efficiency.

KPOINT Centralized Document Management

All documents are stored at one place, all participants access and work on documents without having to download and store them separately

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KPOINT for project-driven enterprises

Share documents across all departments, business units and projects

Access and work on documents anytime anywhere

Transform workplace from paper-based to completely paperless

Leverage internal and external collaboration

Manage review & approve workflows project and enterprise wide

Manage projects from central system, no site establishment required.

KPOINT for project management teams

Upload and share documents across all participants

Access and work on documents anytime anywhere

Transform workplace with 3D visualization and experience

Leverage collaboration between participants

Manage review & approve workflows across all participants

Manage project in a single centralized system, facilitate audit and archives.

business, partnership, architecture and people concept - smiling businessman and businesswoman with blueprint and helmets discussing

Simple and Efficient

Increase team effectiveness, reduce redundant time of looking for document and information, minimize abortive works by mistakenly use of obsoleted versions.

Simply upload and share

Stop storing documents on file sever, PC and storage. Upload documents on centralized system to share access for working with control across the organization.

Search and filter documents

Provide instant access to documents when needed with Google like search and filters. Create and name filters for one’s own use without bothering others.

Version control

Control documents in the right versions so that everyone accesses and works on the same document the same version to prevent costly abortive works.

Self-service system

Limit paperwork and reduce time for searching for information to support everyone working by their own without the need for clerical assistance.

Upload, Store and Distribute Documents

Simple process to make documents from originators distributed and used by others across the entire organization

Document Upload

Upload documents across the organization by all team members. The works from one can be distributed to and used by any others across the organization.

Distribution Matrix

Distribute the right documents to the right users. Information automatically flows under the administration rule using distribution matrix.

Document Transmittal

Officially send documents using electronic Transmittal form. Transmittals distribute documents to recipients from both inside and outside the system.

Information Protection

Protect documents from being sent out without record. Control documents issued for tendering must be on formal form with transmittal history record.

Accessing and retrieving documents, working anytime anywhere

Access and work anytime anywhere without constraints of differences in locations and territories.

Search and Filter Documents

Instantly access to documents anywhere anytime using Google-like search. Filter documents using both metadata and keywords.

  • Display document by criteria such as disciplines, category, status, title, any user-defined-field data.
  • Name filters with any search criteria for later access to documents without filling in searching criteria.
  • Display brief information of documents under reviewing, or rejected or not in the authorized access of the current user.

Unify all in one single system

All home office departments and project participants are on the same system.

  • Interact, exchange communication, comment and mark up are all on one single system.
  • Automate workflows participated by home office department and project site offices.
  • Involve customers, contractors, consultants are all on the same collaboration platform.

Workgroup Review & Comments

Interact and make comments on documents with records automatically created and saved with the document.

Comments, Consolidate Comments and Comment Sheet

Facilitates team collaboration on project documents, especially contracted deliverable with comments comment sheet which can be printed and signed off if required.

  • Team members make comments and response to comments.
  • Consolidate comments by workflow coordinators.
  • Support interaction between team members with auto-notification.

Version Control, Sub-Version and Check-In/Check-Out

Everyone uses the same document the same version, no mistake no abortive works.

Version Control

Display the latest version and store all superseded versions for easy track back when necessary.

Work-in-progress documents

Allow for work-in-progress versions in connection with review & approve workflows

Revision Notes

Record changes with revision notes to make a brief of each revision for team’s insight.

Check-Out and Sub-Versions

Manage minor changes with sub-versions and check-in/check-out feature

Version Control and Check-out/Check-in

Standardize review & approve processes with automated workflows internally within a company and externally with multiple companies involved.

  • Standardize and automate review & approve workflows for design management, managing quality, schedule, resources, cost, risk, etc.
  • Create and manage project management workflows that involve multiple participants.
  • Increase team communication, transparency and accountability.

Document Control

No dedicated human resources required. Self-control system on which documents are automatically distributed to users who need and protected from unauthorized access.

Security Access Control

Access to documents by file formats is set not commonly to roles but personalized to individuals using distribution matrix.

Production and Business Documents

Develop and utilize product documents, design documents, business documents in a systematic manner that protect vital information.

Workflow Documentation

Business documentation is coordinated in automated workflows involving different departments and units representing various disciplines.

Neutral Central System

Differentiate the roles of participants as originator, owner and shared access users. Organizations maintain their own privacy in the workgroup environment.

Automated Workflows

Automated workflows to carry out disciplinary works by departments, business units and project teams to increase work quality and organizational efficiency.

Automate work coordination

Automate disciplinary work coordination across the organization

Higher level of efficiency

Reduce redundancies, reduce cost and increase productivity

Organizational optimization

Improve communication, transparency and accountability across the entire organization

Increase product quality

Improve quality assurance to deliver higher quality products and services

Workflows in Project Environment

Standardize review & approve processes with automated workflows internally within a company and externally with multiple companies involved.

  • Standardize and automate review & approve workflows for design management, managing quality, schedule, resources, cost, risk, etc.
  • Create and manage project management workflows that involve multiple participants.
  • Increase team communication, transparency and accountability.

Workflows in Enterprise Environment

Standardize review & approve processes with automated workflows across all functional departments, business units and projects.

  • Improve quality assurance with records of comments, recommendations and approval through automated workflows.
  • Raise effectiveness in collaboration across the organization.
  • Visualize works across functional departments and support enterprise collaboration.

Working Digitally Online

Working with documents, drawings and 3D models completely online without having to download and open files in native software.

Viewing and marking up

Working and collaborate with others on document contents with digital viewer


Visualize almost all document file formats without having to use native software

Visualize CAD and 3D

Enable working on 2D drawings and 3D models with no native software required

Product and Project Documents

Store, view and use of project and product documents in all CAD and 3D formats.

Online Collaboration

Establish and control collaboration across multiple organizations in enterprise or project processes

Enterprise collaboration

Collaborate across departments, business units, project teams and external collaborators through automated workflows.

  • Incorporate works from all departments, business units and project teams.
  • Make information sound decision via review and recommendation from collaboration workflows.
  • Connect home office and dispersed project teams to create values.

Project Collaboration

Collaboration platform for companies to connect and work neutrally over all project management process workflows.

  • Collaboratively manage BIM processes by multiple participants representing various disciplines.
  • Manage design, costing and tendering through collaborative workflows.
  • Facilitate project management and BIM management processes with highly effectiveness.

Working with 3D Models and BIM

Experience 3D and build BIM capability to cope with new industry best practices and higher level of customer’s expectation.

BIM Management

Manage the development of 3D models by not only the design team but also project owner, project manager, contractors and all stakeholders.

3D Visualization

Visualize 3D models originated from almost all CAD systems as one common platform for all to collaborate and use of 3D modeling products.

Manage BOM and Elements

Manage and use 3D models and elements with essential features such as view, analyze, measure, markup, manage BOM, etc.

Product Document

Platform to manage all product information including 3D models for manufacturing and others beside the construction & engineering industry.

View 3D Models

Open and work on 3D models from web browsers with all necessary 3D features without having to purchase and learn for skill set of how to work in 3D.

  • View the models with all common commands of zoom, pan, rotate as usually do with 2D drawings.
  • Perform rotation, spin, walk-through, recenter by the whole or by selected element to have a deeper look into the model.
  • Navigate to any view into the models with standard views and any custom defined views.

3D Manipulation

Perform 3D manipulation commands to explore the models further into details for better understanding of elements, structure and assembly including Section, Explode, Manipulate and Transform.

  • Perform visual effects such as perspective, lighting, rendering, color, transparency.
  • Create any section through the model and any plane any angle.
  • Perform explode and manipulate to present the model in exploded assembly or to explore in detail any parts, elements of the models.

3D Model Analysis

Perform measurements and generate bill of materials, export element mechanics properties. 

  • Compare any two versions of a 3D model to quickly identify changes made to the revision.
  • Measure distances, surface areas, edge lengths, angle, arc, etc. with tools and snapping modes for quick dimension  and quantity measurements.
  • Generate bill of materials (BOM) for accurate quantity measurement using 3D modeling.
Wind turbine section
Twin Tower 3D model

Markup and Collaborate on 3D Models

Review and comment on 3D models with markup tools, manage markups and collaborate with teams via online collaboration session.

  • Markup, measure, annotate, dimension, cloud, draw lines, shapes,, etc… to better communicate and collaborate with teams on 3D models.
  • Manage review and approve processes with automated workflows and non-editable records.
  • Use online collaboration sessions which allows teams to discuss on project issues on 3D models via online meetings.