KPOINT Electronic Correspondences

Project communication in electronic correspondences.

KPOINT Correspondence for Project Communication

Effective project communication drives project delivery and prevents delays and disputes.

Project Management

Project communication requires each purpose of communication conveyed in particular correspondence type such as Letter, Notice, Memorandum, Request for Information, etc.

Contract Management

Communication to manage contractual commitments such as payment, changes, insurances and the likes using titled correspondences such as IPC, Notice, Change Order, etc.

Quality and HSE Management

Manage communication in quality control, health safety environment management with correspondence templates such as work inspection record, HSE notice, etc.

Correspondence Templates

Create unlimited correspondence templates with titles and forms, and authorize teams to use for formal communication for any project and business processes.

Contractual Communication

Provide project participants with electronic correspondence the feature they need to effectively exchange contractual information within the project centralized system.

Each organization or team is provided with access and right of use a separate correspondence system that serves their communication needs within the project organization.

Formalized with forms, logo in correspondence templates presenting identity of the project organization.

Project effective communication system as connected with other project information and resources for easy cross references.

Correspondence Templates

Create unlimited number and types of correspondence templates and authorize teams to use them for every purpose of information exchanges. Not only for communication, project correspondences are also used to record project information in execution processes such as design & engineering, tender and selection, contract management, quality, cost, schedule and HSE managements,

Easy to create any type of forms and incorporate forms into correspondence templates.

Authorize groups of users to access and use correspondence templates.

Print and sign-off on correspondences on preformatted templates, when required.

Construction Records in Correspondence Templates

Standardize construction management processes with electronic correspondence templates that record works and communication exchanges

Request for Information (RFI)

Incorporate RFI form to KPOINT to unify and simplify the process of request for information from all contractors on a single electronic format of RFI correspondence template.

Unify form of RFI submitted by all contractors in electronic format on KPOINT.

Timely respond to contractor’s requests with team contribution from offsite offices.

Contractors obtain project execution information with transparency and neutrality.


Ensure construction works in compliance with required specification by all categories of submittals easily raised, reviewed and approved beforehand.

Unified form and workflows to review & approve submission from all contractors.

Easy to circulate and update information on compliance with approved submittals across teams within the project.

Prevent mistakes, disputes and delays.

Coordinate Consultant's Advices

Effectively involve consultancy services in all construction processes.

Cost effective solution to utilize professional services over project phases.

Review and advise on site-based works by offsite consultants.

Ensure quality management and statutory compliance.

Work and Material Inspection Records

Solution for electronic form to use and record for huge volume of inspection imposed over the works and materials used during the course of the project construction.

Unify form and procedures for inspection coordination and records.

Review and advise on site-based works by offsite consultants.

Ensure quality management and statutory compliance.

Contract Management

Contractual communication with electronic correspondences in templates and procedures

Contractual Communication

Smooth contractual communication overcomes issues and prevents disputes to support work progress and project delivery. KPOINT Correspondence provides contract management teams with electronic tools to communicate contractually within the centralized project management system.

Electronic correspondence templates for contractual communication between project participants.

Collaboratively prepare, review & approve contractual correspondence before sending.

Easy access and quick retrieval when needed.

Official Letter

Letter template with project logo to exchange official communication. Send for reviewing the communication before actually sending out.

COR and Change Management

Manage change order requests, change order in change management procedures with electronic correspondence templates.


Notify contracted parties for issues and other important events in highly interactive correspondence exchanged environment.


Progress Payment Applications

Manage progress payment applications more effectively with communication created in correspondence templates and review workflows that may involve inter-department collaboration and involving external consultants’ advises.

Make payment application in electronic formats and standardize procedures for review and recommendation.

Manage to comply with due dates and gather review & recommendation with disciplinary document review workflows.

QA/QC Information

Review payment applications for compliance with Plan & Specification, filed NCRs, etc.

Project Progress Schedule

Cross check with progress schedule for work accomplishment

Commitment Compliance Review

Compliance with laws on Insurances, contractual commitments, law & regulations

Hard-Copy Correspondences

Solution for how to electronically deal with communication coming in on printed paper including managing tasks associated with the correspondence.

Hard-Copy Correspondences

Solution to manage hard-copy correspondences on the centralized management system in any case the correspondences come from outside the system.

Receipt, Store and Distribution

Solution to effectively receive, store and distribute hard-copy correspondences as digital versions of the correspondences.

Management of Associated Tasks

Solution for managing tasks associated with the hard-copy correspondences in order to respond to the hard-copy correspondence received.