Communication solution for centralized project management commonly used by all project participants

KPOINT Project Email

Team communication for any subject matter across all participants while respecting information control within the project.

Project Communication

Project communication solution which provides all team members with formal email application to communicate for any subject that matters to the project.

Project Internal Email

While leveraging smooth communication KPOINT Email respects project information control, the email system is used within the project team only.

System Neutrality

With KPOINT Email each project participant manages their communication as private and confidential and controls access to it by their own.

Hard-copy Correspondence

KPOINT Email is a built-in preformatted project form which can be printed out, signed-off and managed as hard-copy correspondence, if required.

Project Centralized Communication

Centralized email communication. All communication exchanges are saved on the project server and archived with the project.

Support team interaction to follow up subjects that matter to the project.

Multiple sources for attachments. Capture pictures and send KPOINT emails to team members.

Easy to track communication. Instantly retrieve information using filter and folder structures.

Business Communication

Facilitate business communication, KPOINT emails are maintained as company asset that should reside on company’s premises and accessible to authorized personnel.

KPOINT emails can be set accessible to authorized personnel, department or company levels.

No transmit or hand-over of information on KPOINT Email is necessary. All emails are accessible to authorized personnel.

KPOINT emails are protected against being deleted or modified. Business communication is recorded as true information.

Project-wide communication

Shared address book with all companies and contacts, team members can easily communicate for every work activity across the project organization.

Easy Access to Project Emails

Access to email communications anytime anywhere from either brief messages associated with auto-notification to search and filter to fully open the emails.

Review & Approve

Ensure communication consistence by reviewing feature which let departmental or company levels personnel review out going email messages.

Communication Solution

Make team communication easy at anytime anywhere by all project participants while respecting information control within a single centralized system.

The Importance of Communication in Project Management

Good communication is an important factor to ensure project success. With KPOINT email, every team member has an easy and formal tool to communicate the right messages to the right people at the right time to ensure attention and actions provided to drive project success across the project team.

The Inconveniences of Using Corporate Emails for Project Communication

There are challenges caused by using corporate emails for project management purposes. These challenges do not exist with KPOINT Email that makes itself a solution to project communication.

Project communication should be archived as part of the project archive. Using corporate email makes the purpose impossible as communication resides on different mail servers which participants’ emails are based on.

Project workplaces are content, document and information rich. Using corporate email makes it impossible to control against unauthorized addressees.

Corporate email is for general business but not project specific causing information mixed up and attention lost.

Use KPOINT Email for Business Communication

KPOINT email is type of business communication. All communication reside on the project server but not on client’s machines. There is no loss of information, no transfer and taking over from one to another necessary. The emails received by a person can be set accessible by personnel of the same company and department.

Centralized and Neutral Platform for All Participants

KPOINT email breaks through pipelines to leverage effective communication. However, it is not in a flat enviornment like social network but a project neutral system, i.e. companies manage their communication as their own corporate information in a centralized project environment that may comprise hundreds of companies.