Task Management

Increase team productivity by managing tasks from assignment to completion with interactions and records.

Increase Team Productivity

Managing well tasks increases team productivity and effectiveness.

Tasks in Any Category

Create, assign and manage tasks as they are arisen with anyone anytime across the project team.

Verbal Instructions

Manage tasks with interaction and records even with those of verbally assigned.

Productive Meetings

Manage tasks to completion with records eliminates unproductive meetings.

Task Management Records

Dedicated task management tools to manage tasks without having to use email.

Managing Tasks

Individuals create, assign and interact one another to execute tasks across the project team.

Create and assign tasks

Create, assign and interact to execute tasks from assignment to completion.

Review and approve tasks

Tasks created by the assignees and reviewed and approved by the assigner.


Update Task Progress

Interact, update task progress between the assignee and the task assigner.


Track Task Response

Review task responses person to person in periods of time to find where to improve.

Working with KPOINT Task

Create and assign tasks as they emerge, KPOINT supports following up with actions to complete the tasks.

Category and Status

Categorize tasks so you can easily work on groups of similar tasks such as design, construction, defects & remedies, etc. Task status provides a quick view of which tasks are in-progress, which ones are overdue, which ones are completed or cancelled.

Progress Update and Action Notes

Easy and highly focused communication between task assigner and assignee including updating progress and messaging on action notes. The communication and other information are saved as the task record for easy trackback.

Search and Filter

Instantly access tasks using filters with criteria of metadata, keywords and combination. Save filter under names to quickly filtering out tasks of the same criteria.

Review Tasks Performed

Quickly generate summarized information of tasks assigned or performed in relating to any team member within a certain period of time.

Auto-Notifications and Reminders

Keep task persons interactively connected with autonotification whenever a progress update, action notes or changes in status is made or when the task becomes overdue.