Enterprise Project Management

The Challenges

Managing projects on schedule and under budget are always primary requirements however, rarely delivered. More over, project-driven business organizations are lack of an enterprise system for managing enterprise projects delivering project objectives, in alignment with the company overall plans and synchronizing project data for project management at the enterprise levels.

Enterprise Project Management is the software application solution using Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM and KPOINT to address the challenges.

Managing capital projects

Capital projects are categorized by their large scale, requiring big amount of investment capital and high level of complexity. Transportation infrastructure projects such as city metro projects are good examples for a capital projects.

Managing a capital project requires the project team of rather higher level of specialization than multiple functions involved.

The major responsibility of a project management team is to plan, execute and manage the  project obtaining the objectives of on schedule and within budget. The project manager is ultimately authorized to make decisions on the project without involving the role of functional managers.

The Enterprise Project Management solution supports involvement of a team of Project Controls who are highly skilled and qualified in planning, executing, analyzing the project plan and reporting using Oracle Primavera P6 Professional to assist the project management team benefiting the most powerful system to project management. When it comes to document management and collaboration, communication and construction supervision, KPOINT is the collaboration platform for all participants.

Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise project management deals with managing projects within a project-driven business enterprise. In this regard, Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM is a world-class most powerful software application for enterprise project management.

Project scale does not matter in enterprise project management but the overall scale of the business that may include dozens or hundreds of projects spreading in various sectors or industries. These projects are managed in various project portfolios which groups projects in the same categories in Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM. Real-estate development projects and contractor’s projects are among good examples of enterprise projects.

In general, project management with involvement of functional departments and executive level is enterprise project management. Enterprise project management is therefore, part of the entire enterprise management which is responsible by the executive level.

  • Achieving project objectives of on time schedule and under cost budget.
  • Visualizing project performance across the enterprise management.
  • Synchronizing project data to transform the organization toward data-driven management.

Enterprise Project Management Solution using software applications

Explore our solution for enterprise project management using Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management together with KPOINT Document Management & Collaboration, at the Enterprise Project Management page on Solutions menu.

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