Project Management Systems

Software applications and solutions that transform construction project management to higher levels of efficiency. 


  • Construction Project Management
  • Design and PM Consultants
  • D&B and EPC Contractors
  • Construction Supervision Teams

KPOINT On-Premise

  • Real-Estates Development Co.
  • Design and PM Consultants
  • D&B and EPC Contractors
  • Construction Supervision Co.

Primavera P6 EPPM

  • Real-Estates Development Co.
  • Design and PM Consultants
  • D&B and EPC Contractors
  • Construction Companies

KPOINT and Primavera P6

  • Real-Estates Development
  • Design and PM Consultants
  • D&B and EPC Contractors
  • Construction Companies

KPOINT SaaS (KPOINT Software as a Service)

Pre-built project management system for online collaboration with unlimited participants from anywhere anytime on the global Cloud.

Construction Project Management On the Cloud

Why you should use KPOINT Construction Project Management on the cloud solution to manage construction projects.

  • Neutral system, equally beneficial to all participants.
  • Quickly get project kick-started and run.
  • No installation, no server and IT service required.
  • Unlimited number of companies and users to participate.
  • Short time notice, available for use at all time.
  • Free maintenance & supports, project archive.

Cloud-Based Project System

The single one system available for all project participants to collaborate on all development processes.

  • Project Development. Manage documents and information through all project development life cycles from land acquisition, design, construction, operation.
  • Design Management. Upload, review and approve design documents with version control and automated workflows for all disciplines.
  • Tender, Contract Package Documentations. Manage tender and contract package documentations.
  • Construction. Construction supervision with electronic forms and procedures of RFI, Submittals, Inspection records, NCRs, Instructions.
  • Project Communication. Electronic project communication including project mail and correspondences.
  • Project Archive.  Full project archive with all information.

KPOINT On-Premise

KPOINT enterprise document management and enterprise project management systems unlimited projects on your own servers.

KPOINT for Enterprise Document Management

KPOINT implemented for enterprise document management and collaboration enterprise-wide between functions, business units, project teams.

  • Centralized document management shared by all functional departments.
  • Communication with internal email and electronic correspondences.
  • Automate workflows across departments and project teams.
  • External collaboration with contractors, vendors and suppliers.

KPOINT for Enterprise Project Management

Supplement Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM with document management, communication, collaboration and construction supervision for enterprise project management.

  • Centralized enterprise and project document managements.
  • Automated workflows between enterprise and project sides.
  • Project communication with email and electronic correspondences.
  • Project construction supervision management.
  • Project task management.

Should it work for you?

If you are one or more of the following business organization types and looking for deploying enterprise document management system to support either enterprise management or enterprise project management or both, contact us for KPOINT On-Premise.

  • Project management office.
  • Real-estates developer.
  • Design & engineering firm.
  • Project management firm.
  • Construction company.

Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (P6 EPPM)

Consulting, implementation, training, maintenance & supports for Enterprise Project Management


Build your enterprise project management system best fit to your organization structure, business processes and strategies with the most cost effective practices.


Licensing and implementation of Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM with out certified specialists to ensure you have most powerful system fully functioning P6 applications.


Train project teams with knowledge and skills to deliver projects meeting enterprise objectives and the enterprise the ability to operate on project real-time data.

Maintenance & Support

Support administrators and users on how to maintain and use of the enterprise project management system, secure the system in full operation at all time.