KPOINT Cloud-based Construction Project Management Solution

Using project management systems on the Cloud to manage construction projects has become a primary requirements to many project owners and management teams, especially under the social distancing amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Particularly for construction projects, it is not only “work-from’home” required but the solution is more comprehensively work from anywhere anytime without geographical constraints. By project natures, construction project management requires far more than that a remote meeting or an Internet conference work-from-home would be satisfied. What are the primary requirements for a construction project management system which supports teams to collaborate and work from anywhere anytime?

With KPOINT is a total solution, our solution of Construction Project Management on the Cloud includes the following some key features.

Cloud-based project manage system

The system is hosted on the Cloud accessible at all time from around the globe. The project team personnel or resources can connect and work from anywhere anytime. You can add unlimited number of companies unlimited users representing various engineering disciplines to participate the project on site or from their offices.

Document management application

The system includes a document management system with rich functionality that allows companies upload and share project documents. All project documents are stored at this single place for better control and protected against missing or misuse for non-project purposes.

Since the project design documents including 2D CAD drawings and 3D models are developed during design & engineering, the system supports controlling the processes with automated review workflows, version control, comment & markup records, and more.

The system is a collaboration platform for all processes that all disciplines are efficiently coordinated and relevant parties are insight and aware of any coordination issues that relevant to them.

BIM and PLM management

The system supports BIM and PLM management. Thanks to an OEM digital product integrated, KPOINT visualizes most of the 3D modeling formats including those for specialized construction and others for other industries. Only with this featured, project teams can collaborate for BIM models that satisfies data requirements for both construction and operation & maintenance project life cycles.

Electronic project communication

All communication including both formal and informal are through the use of project email and electronic correspondences. There is no printing job required in the project even for work-in-progress or final records. The project team can work completely lean.

Construction project delivery

Submittals, RFIs, on site inspection and NCR documentation and records are featured on the system.

Find out more following solution page on this site.

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