KPOINT Document Management & Collaboration

Project Management in AEC, Infrastructure and O&G Industries.

KPOINT for Projects

Managing projects on the cloud, all project parties on the same collaboration platform through all phases.

Design & Engineering and Procurement

Invite unlimited teams on board for online design coordination. All are set up ready for going through work-in-progress and final documentation by all participants in design, engineering, cost planning coordination processes.

  • Connect design, procurement, construction and FM teams on the same design coordination platform.
  • Design review with comments, markups, consolidated comments on every document.
  • Automated workflows for interdiscipline design review.
  • Common digital tools for CAD, 3D and BIM with no software required.
  • Maintain design document and information through all subsequent phases accessible to all parties.


Cloud-based document management & collaboration platform made ready for the construction team to manage RFI, Submittals, work and material inspections, NCRs, and other construction documentation & records.

  • Electronic correspondence templates for formal communication in QA/QC, and HSE and contract management processes.
  • On-time and smooth communication prevent contractual disputes.
  • Solutions for quality assurance, quality audit, and information retention.
  • Involve design and other offsite teams to resolve concerning construction issues.
  • Connect participants on one single platform with information across all project phases.

KPOINT for Enterprises

Host and manage multiple projects on a single management system, an online collaboration platform.

Managing Enterprise Projects

Managing projects by dedicated project teams with participation of enterprise departments. Generate KPOINT Projects and assign responsible teams to handle them in an enterprise-wide collaboration environment.

  • Connect project teams, office departments and external project parties on one single management system.
  • Connect people from all teams and documents, information in workflows on the same management system.
  • Implement quality assurance policy and audit at all projects and enterprise-wide.
  • Implement KPOINT on-premise for unlimited number of projects and participants.
  • Suitable for PMO to host and manage projects and construction companies to execute D&B or EPC contracts.

Hand-on Services

Document management & collaboration platform for both stand-alone and enterprise projects on the cloud. Build, operate and hand-over, both online and onsite, pay-as-you-go with no IT infrastructure required, no investment cost.