KPOINT Document Management & Collaboration

Software solution for document and information management for Engineering & Construction projects

KPOINT - Construction Project Management

Collaborative project management system using KPOINT for construction projects.

Document Management

Centralized document management system as a single system of the truth to manage office documents, PDF or CAD 2D and 3D models, 3D modeling collaboration.

Project Communication

Project communication system using project email and electronic correspondences, unlimited templates for any set of purposed communication and records.

Automated Workflows

Automate project review & approve workflows to ensure project quality on documents, design documents especially design documents for BIM processes.

Construction Supervision

Make construction supervision easier by the built in set of forms and procedures of Submittals, RFIs, Inspection records, NCRs, PM’s Instruction, Site Daily Report, etc.

Key consideration for selection

One single system for all projects through all life cycles.

Access works, collaborate with team anywhere anytime.

Platform to coordinate 3D modeling design across industrial specialized teams.

Involve external participants for project and enterprise collaborations.

Projects on the Cloud

Project-based Software as a Service (SaaS), unlimited users.

Short time notice, self-service system, no learning curve, neutrally works for all participants.

No installation, no implementation required, works at all time uninterrupted.

No IT investment required, free maintenance and support, free project archive.

Managing project documents and information

Centralized document management, automated workflows and platform to manage BIM processes supporting various 3D/CAD vendors’ products.

Centralize Documents and Information

Centralize all project documents and information in one place to enable collaboration, increase control and higher level of team efficiency.

  • Access and work anytime anywhere, online.
  • Support interaction with auto-notification and reminder.
  • One single system to manage all projects.
  • Increase control over documents and information, reduce mistake and reworks.

Online Collaboration on Construction Documents

Develop, store, distribute and use of documents, business information, IP completely online without consumption of paper and printing. Facilitate online collaboration on documents with view and markup using digital viewer.

  • View, markup and collaborate on office documents
  • View, markup and collaboration on 2D CAD drawings
  • View, markup and collaborate on 3D models for BIM and PLM
  • Reduce consumption of office utility, reduce operation cost.

BIM Management

Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation requires collaboration through out all processes from design & engineering to operation and maintenance with participation from a wide-range of management and technical disciplines. Use KPOINT to manage these all processes.

  • Centralized document management
  • Access and work from anywhere anytime.
  • Version control and automated workflows
  • Collaboration in 3D to modeling teams and PM teams.
  • 3D web visualization to enable inter-discipline collaboration by all participants.

Automate review & approve workflows

Review – recommend – approve is among large volume and highly applicable work processes at any project. In KPOINT, automated workflow helps to assure the control and approval carried out in a compliance manner.

  • Review and release of newly design plans & specification
  • Control work-in-progress and released versions
  • Review, recommend and approve payment, cost control and contract management workflows
  • Review and approve on project management processes

KPOINT - Enterprise Document Management

Document management and collaboration system for construction companies, real-estates developers and construction project management organizations

Enterprise Document Management

Centralized document management system, access and work anytime anywhere across all departments, business units and projects.

Automated Workflows

Transform coordination from face-to-face meetings to assign tasks into high level of efficiency of automated workflows

Digital Transformation

Change the way people work fundamentally from paper-based to online collaboration with digital documents.

Operation Efficiency

Raise efficiency with centralized document management & collaboration access and use across the enterprise.

Enterprise Document Management System

Centralized document management system commonly used across the enterprise

Access and work anytime anywhere, security control set to individuals in organizational structure

Manage information, collaboration workflows participated by departments, units and projects

Support digital transformation, paperless and self-service office

KPOINT - Project Communication

Facilitate smooth team and formal communication while controlling business information within the relevant organization


Smooth and easy communication by every team member for any subject matter and within a specific project so that all email communication stored in one place.

Electronic Correspondences

Electronic correspondences for communication exchanges for all purposes including contractual correspondences and work coordination records.

Control communication

Control communication to control team collaboration more effective. Each organization owns and control their own business information.

Correspondence Templates

Create any type correspondence templates that fit to purposed use from field data collection to contractual correspondences.

KPOINT Task Management

Increase productivity by managing tasks the way convenient to every team members

Create and Assign Tasks

Create, assign and manage tasks between team members from assignment to completion with progress updated and action records.

Review and Approve Tasks

Review and approve tasks the way you practically assign tasks as verbal instructions, meeting minutes or on site visits.

Progress and Take Notes

Keep interaction during task executions with progress update and information exchanges to drive tasks to completion.

Task Record

Full picture of task assignment and accomplishment that are needed to review team performance in certain time periods.

Construction Management

Manage construction activities and project deliveries applied to all projects with a set of construction management templates and best practice standard workflows that includes all a construction management team needs such as Submittals, RFIs, Work Inspection Record, Material Inspection Record, NCRs, Project Manager’s Instruction, Site Daily Report.

Submittals & RFIs

Coordinate various teams from site and home offices to timely review, recommend and respond to contractors’ contractual submission of Submittals, RFIs.

Work & Material Inspections

Coordinate on site teams to timely conduct inspections to works performed and materials to be used for the projects.

PM's Instructions and NCRs

Forms for project managers to issue instructions and non-compliance report to contractors as construction works are in progress.

Site Daily Reports

Report on site conditions such as weather, materials and equipment on site, issues arisen and any other topics reflected on site conditions.